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Initiatives for institutional cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region

About us

The Foundation Balteus is a non-governmental organisation targeted at cooperation of institutions from the Baltic Sea region. We promote best practices and experiences that build institutional competences on communication, marketing, sustainable use of natural and cultural resources as well as common cultural heritage.

We have extensive expertise in implementation of transnational projects with the European Union co-financing from the programmes: Interreg Central Europe, Interreg South Baltic, Interreg Baltic Sea Region and other. Our main thematic areas entail:

  • cultural heritage,
  • archaeological heritage,
  • tourism,
  • environment,
  • renewable energies.

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The volunteers from Lithuania and Poland again in action with the "BALTIC STORIES" project! This time, they have co-organised the Šilutė Town Festival in Lithuania and interviewed its guests. The videos are being post-produced and will be published soon. Thank you!

Accompanying the volunteers, the project partners on an internal meeting have discussed final details on the workshops for the event organisers from the Baltic Sea Region.



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